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Posted by: olstar - 15-11-20, 10:19 AM - Forum: Help + Requests
Let me know if any bugs Smile

Posted by: the_marsbar - 10-07-20, 07:52 AM - Forum: Buy/Sell Adidas Superstars
I am down to my last pair of Superstar vintages...

Does anyone have a pair in size UK 9 that they wish to sell?

Thanks Smile

Posted by: flyingcod - 28-05-20, 03:19 PM - Forum: Chat

I hope you lovely people out there are staying safe, staying 2m apart and have not gone blind from wanking too much. Pure. Wink

Anywho back in the day (around 93-95) I had a pair of these:

[Image: 1b03ff0ad8a9492307b71c90809aefcb.jpg]

So naturally when I see that the big A had released a StreetballvSuperstar  err, Superstar I had to pull the trigger on a pair, first supes I've bought in ages.  

[Image: EYkqoeIUcAE4Zmx?format=jpg&name=large]

So I have found some black n orange laces and will flip em fresh style!  And then post a pic back on here in a few months!  Very Happy



EDIT:  Here's the full Superstar v Basketball "Starting Five"  set.
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Posted by: ihatebono - 02-04-20, 01:28 AM - Forum: Chat
What happened here? Did we all find something better to do other than talk to strangers about shoes?
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Posted by: flyingcod - 21-02-20, 02:30 PM - Forum: Chat
Spotted them t'other day, they had a gum sole, I love a gum sole but they only had one in stock at size 12, so looks like they'd been on sale for a while

Gutted I missed them. Was going to post a pic but the page I bookmarked has gone.

Code is 1307261.  White, light blue stripes , gum sole, could have been a JD sports exclusive.

Also, anyone got any Cracked Vanillas from 2006 in a decent condition size 9.5/10/10.5?

I bought a pair from Pure way back and loved them too much so they quickly got beaten up and I can't remember what happened to them. I'm getting old.

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Posted by: flyingcod - 22-01-20, 10:49 PM - Forum: Chat
So, happenstance that I was thinking about the 35th Supes, back in 2005 and then I did some maths (its not math!) and after a few 




And that's all I found, which is a bit of a shame.  Gone are the days where we had a forum member on the inside working for the Big A. Rolling Eyes

Anyway, time for bed.  If you find any more info, post it here.  Or don't. You can Be like that.  You'll never get into technical college, though.

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Posted by: laurie.page@hotmail.com - 06-01-20, 10:31 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey Everyone:
I'm Laurie and I came across four (4) pair of the Superstar II shoes with the metal eyelets and shoelace metal logo in a storage unit I purchased. 
I can't seem to find any info on line of these particular shoes so I was hoping that the professionals out there can give me some input.
Are they more rare than the shoes without metal eyelets or lace logos?
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Posted by: dogshark - 01-10-19, 04:36 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi All.

Worn Superstars constantly for the last 20 years but up until last year only really ever had one pair, which I'd wear until they fell apart, then replace them with another pair.
Being a bit older now and having a bit more disposable cash, I got bit by the collecting bug about a year ago and have now managed to build my collection up to 13 pairs.

Although I like to make things a little more difficult so I have a rule.
Coz I'm tight ar*e, I'll only buy them if I can get them for half or less than the RRP.

Pride myself on paying as little as possible. Cheaper the better.
My last pair I pulled out of clearance in an Adidas Outlet store in Castleford. Box said £29.
When they scanned at the checkout came in a £14.95. 
Brand new Lemon Yellow SS 80S in size 12.5. Perfect.

Another time I managed to negotiate a £40 voucher out of Adidas and grabbed a pair Chinese New Year specials from their online outlet that were going for £44.98 so effectively paid £4.98.

Anyone else a tightwad like me?
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Posted by: flyingcod - 11-09-19, 07:54 PM - Forum: Chat
As Pink Floyd once asked?

Has anyone seen this before? https://superstar.shoes/en/

The chap - Meyer Frank - seems to be from Germany, don't know if he's a member on here or not.  Doing some clicking it would seem he knows some some members on here, mentions Benji Blunt in his credits.  Nice site as well, guy is obviously a fan.  Shame this place isn't what is was.  I noticed Lurky and Spite, Pure have have their own Instagram thing(alas I am not on that).

Does Benji still do customs?

Anyway flyingcod here just posting, wondering if anyone will get this.  Sad

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Posted by: ZZEN - 07-02-19, 08:01 PM - Forum: Fake Spotting

The images attached are the original Superstars I purchased around six months ago. I purchased some others recently and while I was checking they were legit, it became apparent my original, shop bought ones were suspect.

Firstly the PO number on the box doesn't match the number in the shoes. OK so the box could have been swapped. I then noticed the the serial number in each shoe is the same. This points to definite fakes.
Are there any cases of right and left shoes having the same serial number? Could it be a genuine mistake? If they are fake there a bloody good fake. There's nothing different compared to the others.
What do you think?
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