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New one there from France - vavavoum - 24-01-21

Hi All.

I think I wore my first superstar pair in the 90's. Till then, I never stop to love these shoes. By the way, sorry for my approximative english...
In particular, I love the 35th anniversary series. And in this, I think my favorite are the city series. 
Concerning my collection, there is not really much things in (and many ones without there box hat must be just unheard of for you!), but the ones I have, I love it.
Will be nice to read you.


RE: New one there from France - mr.pure - 25-01-21

Bonjour Vavavoum,

It's a little quiet in here but no doubt people will stop by and say hello.
And your English is better than some English peoples so don't worry about that. Laughing

RE: New one there from France - flyingcod - 10-03-21

Welcome to the forum Vavavooom.

Be happy with your collection.  It is yours.