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So this place is dead. - ihatebono - 02-04-20

What happened here? Did we all find something better to do other than talk to strangers about shoes?

RE: So this place is dead. - flyingcod - 10-04-20

I think so.  Shame as it was a great forum for a while. 

I have managed to source myself a pair of supes from the US, I will put a pic up here when I get them.


RE: So this place is dead. - WildOne - 16-04-20

It needs a revival, I know people have moved on to other styles (myself included) but this site was always a great source of knowledge and good banter. I shall be checking back here more often and will try to spread the word once more...... VIVA SSDB!!!!!

RE: So this place is dead. - mr.pure - 02-05-20

I do a spot of cleaning every week but yes, it's qiuiet in here at the moment. Some of the people this place helped become established clearly can't be arsed with it and some don't even bother to recognise they'd be fuck all in this stupid game without it. Hey ho. It will be back better than ever at some point. Things are afoot. Like feet. They're a lot like a foot.

RE: So this place is dead. - flyingcod - 28-05-20

Hey, I made a post about some neeeeeew  superstars I purchased from the US. Go and look at it. Go now!

I also seem to be buying skateboard decks to hang in the new office I have at the back of the garage.

I seem to be buying lots from t'interwebs and eating biscuits.  Waistline getting bigger, bank balance getting smaller.  Confused

I am now doing Tabata sessions.  This is HIIT exercise not some woman called Tabata Sessions who I met on Tinder, ah shit I've said too much.   Embarassed

So, be free my children, be free. But stay 2M apart. Its a 2M free thing.


RE: So this place is dead. - ez-1 - 03-09-20

Pure! Can you shed any light what's cooking?
I really like SSDB but as some point it got too tricky uploading images and then IG took over. Then again IG has a crappy chat and in general is worse than a proper forum like this is.

RE: So this place is dead. - mr.pure - 05-09-20

Easy Blud.
I which way did it change?
I always remember having to use [img] [/img] tags to add a picture from a photo website.
Granted it would be much simpler to just be able to drop an image into a post but then the server that hosts the forum would have to accommodate all the images which could quickly get out of hand and expensive.
I know it's not ideal in this day and age but I remember it being similar in the days of Crooked Tongues.
This place has become a bit of a ghost town as people migrated to Instagram, got a bit of perceived interweb fame and forgot their roots.
Good luck to 'em.
Couldn't give a fuck how many likes I'd get from a bunch of sycophantic spanners for the same old photo of the trainers I've decided to put on my feet.
And Adidas can go fuck itself, frankly.
Bollocks to giving them any free publicity whatsoever.
What have they ever done for us other than lurk and steal ideas and concepts from the members.
There's a lot going on and things will improve in here but right now the focus is on personal stuff.
At some point I'll get round to a huge overhaul in here and make it maybe a little more like Ollie originally wanted with some extra stuff thrown in.

RE: So this place is dead. - ez-1 - 06-09-20

I totally understand mate. Nothing really changed for SSDB, but the ease of use of other platforms I guess was too alluring for many.
But like I said the ease of use also took away from the most important part of this whole thing - stories, chat and all that. Those things are mostly lost with IG and other platforms.

How much you recon there is image data that would need hosting space now and in the future if this place would be used with the same intensity as in the golden days?
I could check if I or one of my friends could figure out a cheap way to host this thing in a place where we could have enough space for images.

RE: So this place is dead. - mr.pure - 18-09-20

Ollie still hosts it and says it's not a problem for the minute but I'm not sure.
Everything is bigger now with image and gif files.
Not to mention my waistline.

RE: So this place is dead. - ez-1 - 05-10-20

Yeah I would think it wouldn't be a problem for now with all the users ... har har.
But like you said everything is bigger now and when people start uploading pictures and vids Ollie would be pissed I think.

RE: So this place is dead. - olstar - 06-10-20


Web space is not an issue!

Shout me soon Mr P and we'll have to get together.