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Posted by: nic - 28-07-18, 06:35 PM - Forum: Chat
Hey Guys!!!!

Yes I know Ive been away. Yes I know I've negleted you all! Your poor hard done by little sneaker fans you!!!!!!

However, I'm not one to moan............................................. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

When did this forum go down the bleedin pan????

Where is everyone?

Why when I log in I get a friggin NIKE sale on the portal page!!!!

I mean - Hello!!!!!

A.D.I.D.A.S all the way baby!

Come on you lot, lets get this one sorted - this place was great once and will be again!!!!!

Hey Mr P, pick up your messages babes, and Olstar, baby I know you better than that, you're both letting that dirty "N" word get in the way!!!!
And where's that bleeding Mr Spite??????

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Posted by: Samo - 14-07-18, 07:41 PM - Forum: Chat
Hey, the report button doesn't seem to be working but looks like we have a few spam bots in here. Olstar?
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Posted by: olstar - 25-05-18, 10:00 AM - Forum: Help + Requests
Hi All,

We dont sell your data n that.

We dont do email marketing.

PM me or a mod;


If you want your shit deleting.


This site is hosted and maintained by me, is managed by Mr.Pure.

Etc etc  </compliance>
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Posted by: Lobster Face - 13-05-18, 04:33 PM - Forum: Chat
Just curious - is there anywhere that lists all 50 of the colour names for Pharrell's Supercolor range from 2015?

I've found a few names from eBay and online retailers (Bold Blue, Purple Ray, Lab Green, Pumpkin) but no complete list.

Also would be interested to know what sort of quantities/how rare different colours were. Eg. a major retailer like Office only stocked 11 of the colours, the bold ones, so I wonder if some of the weirder colours/shades were super low quantities and just there to make the 50 shades concept work?
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Posted by: nic - 10-05-18, 05:14 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hellllooooo guys!!!
Yes I know, its been a few years since I have shown my face, but I'm back - again lol

How is everyone? Hope all is good

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Posted by: big_al75 - 26-04-18, 10:06 AM - Forum: Buy/Sell Adidas Superstars
It’s been a long time!!!

Firstly - apologies for a long absence. Haven’t been active - but fond memories of the superstar community. 

Time to pass on my collection. Need to make some room for new additions. 

Only posted the shoes in great or unworn condition. Looking to sell as a lot, ideally for collection in Chester, Cheshire. 

Open to offers. Highlights include Superstar 35th Unions (genuine and never worn), Ian Browns and Porter Collabs. 

All UK11s. 13 pairs total. 

Thought I would give the community first dibs before heading out to eBay. 

Let me know!



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Posted by: flyingcod - 13-08-17, 01:26 PM - Forum: Chat
Will be visiting there in a few weeks, any recommendations on traynee shops?

In seem to recall Dave's Quality Meats and Bodega?  Was there back in 2007 but that was just before I found this site and became a sneaker head.  Very Happy

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Posted by: landmines - 14-03-17, 05:31 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey guys. Long time. I haven't been on here for quite some time, but figured I would pop back on and see how things are. I need to get a pic of my collection up, as it is still growing, but I have to admit, although I have been steadily adding supes, I have also been dabbling in Adidas running shoes just as much.
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Posted by: flyingcod - 11-03-17, 02:50 PM - Forum: Chat
I've booked a ticket for this (Ultra one, so I get a goody bag and earlier entry).  Cool

Anyone else going?

Not expecting many supes to be there (It'll be all the footy crowd favourites such as Munchens, Spezials, Keglas, etc) but never been before so worth a day out.

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Posted by: olstar - 01-02-17, 03:57 PM - Forum: Chat
Hey dude Smile

So ive been slack recently, not bought any nice superstars in a while but been trying to get back into the swing of things the last few weeks.

One reason is because my current collection are old, worn out and in desperate need of some new blood.

Another reason is my Mrs has got hers out of storage and she has some AMAZING pairs - it made me super jealous  Laughing

Another reason, less pleasant, is a friend of mine passed away recently Sad and the dress code for his funeral is suits and soops. He loved them himself so it's only right.


Apart from some shitty used pairs, I could barely find a pair less than £60 - some basic models going for £80 and £90!

I found some deadstock for £500 and a few really plush pairs for £100+ which are all fair enough -  but i'm talking reasonably basic stuff for £80!?!?!

Am I missing something? Are they fashionable again? Am I looking in the wrong places?

I used to spend a max of like £40 and got some pretty amazing pairs of superstars over the years and dont mind paying for something proper special but BEJESUS i was taken-aback!

/rant over  Laughing Cool
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