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JD Sports Superstar white gum sole / Cracked Vanillas
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21-02-20, 02:30 PM #1
flyingcod Shell-toed Lover *****
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Spotted them t'other day, they had a gum sole, I love a gum sole but they only had one in stock at size 12, so looks like they'd been on sale for a while

Gutted I missed them. Was going to post a pic but the page I bookmarked has gone.

Code is 1307261.  White, light blue stripes , gum sole, could have been a JD sports exclusive.

Also, anyone got any Cracked Vanillas from 2006 in a decent condition size 9.5/10/10.5?

I bought a pair from Pure way back and loved them too much so they quickly got beaten up and I can't remember what happened to them. I'm getting old.


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22-02-20, 02:27 PM #2
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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Gum soles.....  Confused

I've not seen them.
Someone will be along in the next 5 years and find you a pair.

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