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StreeballvSuperstar - flyingcod - 28-05-20


I hope you lovely people out there are staying safe, staying 2m apart and have not gone blind from wanking too much. Pure. Wink

Anywho back in the day (around 93-95) I had a pair of these:

[Image: 1b03ff0ad8a9492307b71c90809aefcb.jpg]

So naturally when I see that the big A had released a StreetballvSuperstar  err, Superstar I had to pull the trigger on a pair, first supes I've bought in ages.  

[Image: EYkqoeIUcAE4Zmx?format=jpg&name=large]

So I have found some black n orange laces and will flip em fresh style!  And then post a pic back on here in a few months!  Very Happy



EDIT:  Here's the full Superstar v Basketball "Starting Five"  set.

RE: StreeballvSuperstar - flyingcod - 28-05-20

I should add in case anyone is interested that I had to purchase then in US, they only do kids sizes for the Streetball in UK (which is very odd) so I used a forwarding company called, they give you a US postal address and you send all your stuff there then you can bundle all your stuff in one go and save loads on shipping, as many places are free ground shipping in US.

I so I thought...

The box with the supes arrived damaged and wet! (thankfully kicks were fine) and then I get a £64 bill from FedEx! myUS did not mention that!!! However only £52 is VAT/Duty, I have paid that and told them to stuff their £12 "Admin Fee".