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Selling the collection - big_al75 - 26-04-18

It’s been a long time!!!

Firstly - apologies for a long absence. Haven’t been active - but fond memories of the superstar community. 

Time to pass on my collection. Need to make some room for new additions. 

Only posted the shoes in great or unworn condition. Looking to sell as a lot, ideally for collection in Chester, Cheshire. 

Open to offers. Highlights include Superstar 35th Unions (genuine and never worn), Ian Browns and Porter Collabs. 

All UK11s. 13 pairs total. 

Thought I would give the community first dibs before heading out to eBay. 

Let me know!



RE: Selling the collection - olskool720 - 08-05-18

A nice lot of Supes. Hope they sell to someone that will appreciate them and care for them appropriately. Too big for me that's for sure LOL

RE: Selling the collection - olstar - 25-05-18

Ahh man ... .5 of a size out! Sad