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All 50 Pharrell Superstar colour names / rarities?
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13-05-18, 04:33 PM #1
Lobster Face Junior Member **
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Just curious - is there anywhere that lists all 50 of the colour names for Pharrell's Supercolor range from 2015?

I've found a few names from eBay and online retailers (Bold Blue, Purple Ray, Lab Green, Pumpkin) but no complete list.

Also would be interested to know what sort of quantities/how rare different colours were. Eg. a major retailer like Office only stocked 11 of the colours, the bold ones, so I wonder if some of the weirder colours/shades were super low quantities and just there to make the 50 shades concept work?

14-05-18, 07:54 PM #2
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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You're better off checking the archives of sneaker freaker or sneaker news or even adidas.com. The info is out there somewhere. I remember seeing it.

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