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Adidas 35th Anniversary Captain Tsubasa
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28-08-13, 08:07 AM #1
Ragin_Rasberry Junior Member **
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Hi everyone!!

Its been a long time, since last time. Some of you may remember me, some may not. Either way, don't want to make this too long but i'm back and want to get some kicks double checked by all you vets out there, if you could bless me with your approval/denial I would appreciate it. So I managed to come up on a set of "Expression Series" which I will be posting in another thread, but for the most part this thread itself is dedicated solely to the Tsubasa's simply because they are my favorite and I noticed more little details on them that could potentially help vouch for their authenticity or fake-ness

OK so side by side in the first pic are two pairs of the same shoe (different sizes by .5) of a pair i've had shelved for a few years assuming they were legit. I might've already had that pair previously legit checked here as well. Anyway for the most part, no heel tags, different serial numbers on the inside of shoe. Its hard to see, I know, but I do notice some SLIGHT color differentiation between the two. Particularly the hair color being slightly lighter in the player closest to the heel in one pair, and on the second pic SLIGHTLY missing detail (skipping of the lines/de-coloration) on Wakayabashi's sleeve (the goalkeeper) and on the player to the left of him, on his hair. little missing pixels/de-coloration on his hair. I was wondering if this could perhaps mean one of the two pairs is a fake, or simply just due to the nature of the printing process and/or the difference in size? I've heard fakes have gotten much better through the years and since last time i've been here so just trying to be extra cautious.

On the last pic, I added for comparison an obviously fake pair which I got ahold of years ago which is when I came to realize it was fake. A much smaller size (7.5) but still, Look at the yellowing on the players, poor print, lack of detail, and clear stripes as opposed to yellowed (is this how they were meant to be, by the way?) These had the obvious heel tag and the beat-up box and what not.

Thank you for your help in advance and please do let me know if you require any more pics!

P.S: The flash on the second pic might not be doing the bottom pair of shoe justice. They're pretty close looking to each other, actually, aside from the minor stuff. The flash just seems to amplify the light and give a weirder color tone, but they're pretty much the same color/shade except off by a slight tone or two

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07-12-13, 10:56 AM #2
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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A couple of those photos are next to useless.
I'd have said they were legit.
You never know how they've been store, if they've been cleaned, what they were cleaned with etc.
The could easily lose a little colour.
Also, the initial production process is hardly flawless so could easily produce strange results.
If the sticker is next to the hole, the serial numbers are different and the plastic tab is flat, you should be alright.

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