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28-09-05, 09:07 PM #1
olstar Housekeeping *******
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Ok guys a few simple rules to make the forum run nice..

be nice!!!

dont use caps, as its SHOUTING!

please make sure you dont double post, if you have something to share then please SEARCH first and if the post already exists then just tag yours to the end!

to be able to post in the FOR SALE WANTED forum, you need to be a SSDB member..

to be a SSDB member, you have to have posted more than 150 GENUINE DECENT NON SPAMMY posts..

this is to stop people abusing this site and just coming on to sell stuff

the site automatically promotes you once you reach 150, it runs a task every 15 minutes or so, so its not instant Smile

thats about it.. keep it real.. Cool

27-02-09, 12:19 AM #2
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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Added to all of the above, an introduction like this ........

(26-02-09, 08:54 PM)tonybhoy Wrote:  hi just joined and like to say hello Cool

Won't make you many friends on this forum.
However, an introduction like this .............

(20-06-08, 01:20 PM)Lone A Wrote:  Hello eveyone,

I come from the UK. I was born and bred in Croydon (S. London) and got into buying Shells when i went to a school called Purley Boys due to my interest in Hip Hop. They werent that easy to get hold of then but I had a friend who was always going to New York and he would pick pairs up for a few Dollars. They were so cheap!!
Got about 20 pairs now.
I DJ for the Volksworld magazine and will be at Bug Jam on the Volksworld stand.

Look forward to speaking to you all at some point.


And we'll welcome you with open arms !

Another thing, as the name suggests, this is an Adidas Superstar forum, we don't do other pairs of trainers, we don't do fakes, we can't help you find the shell suit you've always wanted.
Save yourself and us time, if you want any of those things, move on, no introduction necessary, we can't and more likely won't help !

But if you are interested in Adidas Superstars, sign up, introduce yourself and start saving. You'll need it !

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