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Real or Fake Adidas Superstars? Help!
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09-07-16, 10:44 PM #1
island304 Junior Member **
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hello everyone I recently purchased a pair of adidas superstars off of eBay and was curious to know/check to see if they were really authentic, I bought them from a seller known as "shoemerica". I did some research and tried to figure out if they were real or not, I think they are but I'm still conflicted, I checked the serial numbers on the inside and each were different per shoe, which I believe is a good sign. All help is appreciated thank you.
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12-07-16, 08:35 AM #2
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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I'd say they were real but for sure they aren't well made.
Sadly all too common these days.

15-07-16, 09:59 AM #3
Samo Just call me Nik Nak.. *****
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Quality has been shocking on a lot of the GR stuff lately.

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