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laces out - March 5th Camp and furnace, liverpool
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07-03-16, 09:16 AM #31
Samo Just call me Nik Nak.. *****
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Looks like it would have been a laugh, would have liked to come, perhaps next year!

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07-03-16, 03:10 PM #32
benji half a pound of treacle *****
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Every six months I think Sam. I'd like to stay a night, as it looks like an interesting city and this part of it in particular. Friendly vibes.

07-03-16, 05:56 PM #33
GeeBee No more 'til ... er ... *****
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Let me know if you fancy a day/night out in Liverpool sometime B. It's a great drinking city.
Maybe an ssdb northern meetup? Wink

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09-03-16, 05:10 PM #34
flyingcod Shell-toed Lover *****
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Bah! I move from t'North and they start having traynee conventions!

Was there many others selling any decent superstars?  I will have to check this out.

Liverpool is a fantastic City (but I'm very biased as I studied* there for five years and fooking loved it) 

Benji stay a night you won't regret it (just don't stay at the Adelphi)


*may have drank and smoked certain chemicals also.

'All sins tend to be addictive and the terminal point of addiction is damnation.' - W H Auden

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