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sk8´s shells
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04-07-13, 11:46 PM #31
FrankH82 SSDB Member *****
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Fantastic collection!notworthy

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27-08-13, 11:28 AM #32
Doodster Junior Member **
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Wow what an absolutely fantastic collection and as a mere novice many insanely cool supes ive never laid eyes on before! It must be an amazing feeling to get up in the morning and have all these weapons at your disposal Smile

I can only but dream one day, absolutely superb 👍

27-08-13, 01:53 PM #33
kt0626 Soup Nazi *****
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Awesome Tor, simply stunning bro. Thanks for taking the time mate! One pair broke the chain LOL....and still eyeing the red, blue sharks, and of course swedes...

27-08-13, 02:25 PM #34
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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Glad this thread was brought back to life. Fun flip through.

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03-09-13, 01:57 AM #35
Tifoso Posting Freak *****
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Yeah, good stuff, Tors.

Remember folks. These are just the shells. Smile

And even then... these are just the adidas.

03-09-13, 08:22 AM #36
pukkabruv Posting Freak *****
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How have I not noticed this thread until now? Amazing collection mate

03-09-13, 07:50 PM #37
Bongosi Pro Model Hunter ****
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Great collection. Absolutely love the blue and green Pro Models.

My Wants - UK 9/10 - Mastermind Pro Mods & Split Colours - PM me if you can help.Razz

03-09-13, 09:18 PM #38
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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yup, definitely worth the viewing. thanks for sharing.

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