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Any US based members able to do me a favour?
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25-02-12, 09:20 AM #1
wappersha SSDB Member *****
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In need of a favour from someone who is US based and can go to a BestBuy for me Smile

PM me please. Very Happy

25-02-12, 10:14 AM #2
pokey27 also known as Pojey *****
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International help thread = Epic FAIL!! Laughing

It's not the size of the feet!!it's the amount of quality on em

25-02-12, 12:42 PM #3
WhenIRocktheBeat Myself homeboy got 50 pair!! ****
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Sent you a PM.

"...I've loved it since the days of fat shoelace." -Guru

25-02-12, 05:25 PM #4
Tifoso Posting Freak *****
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Depends. Do we get hazard pay for having to deal with the jackasses at Best Buy?

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