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Real or Not?
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19-06-14, 09:44 AM #16
flyingcod Shell-toed Lover *****
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(17-06-14, 05:29 PM)mr.pure Wrote:  "Yeah well done for winning, I'll get your prize out to you real soon." - Somebody, years ago.


not fc no way

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19-06-14, 02:53 PM #17
Vortec SSDB Member *****
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Can get my hands on 12 different sizes. What will be a reasonable price you guys think?

19-06-14, 10:03 PM #18
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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@ Gutted.... if you're just looking to buy regular old black with white, for sure just buy them at a local shop or online store that you've heard of. black w/ white isn't a rare CW, so might as well go the safe route. doubt that many fakers are faking black w/white. just my $.02.

20-06-14, 01:03 AM #19
Samo Just call me Nik Nak.. *****
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Not sure price wise, but if there is a uk8 or 8.5 I'd be interested!

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20-06-14, 07:12 AM #20
vox Big E the Norse Viking God of Thunder *****
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I'd be happy to take the UK11,5. Around £40 would be fair I think. They'll probably start flaking any day now...

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