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Dregzta finally got all his supes out.
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06-09-11, 09:24 PM #31
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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nice pics.nice Supes.nice all the way around.thumbright

07-09-11, 12:24 AM #32
big-molly Senior Member ****
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Popped in to check Dregz collection, one word WOW!
You been keeping busy!
Popped in to check Dregz collection, one word WOW!
You been busy!

Don't mash up unless you got cash up. Laughing

08-09-11, 03:08 PM #33
Vortec SSDB Member *****
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Awesome collection! The photos are amazing.

09-09-11, 08:49 PM #34
dj_wildthing Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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Quality supes mate, you've got yourself a very nice collection thumbleft

Superstars are indeed super...

19-06-12, 10:07 PM #35
FrankH82 SSDB Member *****
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Great collection!

All is a riddle, and the key to the riddle is another riddle.

20-07-12, 03:58 AM #36
kournikova Junior Member **
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Tight collection

Outstanding work
i love how your Camos are dirty Smile

i call mine the tanks cause they are tough as nails and clean up nice

keep up the strong work


03-04-13, 10:49 PM #37
pugwashpz Heisenberg ****
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Wow, original way of displaying such an impressive collection! Love it!

04-04-13, 11:22 PM #38
dregz Posting Freak *****
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Thanks fellas.
Yeah I took those camo's to Africa so they're still covered in Ugnadan dust.

Would you be good enough to participate in this morning's edification?

05-12-13, 04:10 AM #39
Ani-33 Member ***
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really enjoyed looking at your collection. Great job on being creative with the pics

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