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My Ultrastars
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10-10-05, 07:13 PM #1
D12NAB Guest
[Image: 09102005002.jpg]

[Image: 09102005001.jpg]

[Image: 09102005.jpg]

They're amazing, got them in elephant size - 11.5 and they were still kinda tight, so I took the laces out and now they're quite comfy and look awesome, though I don't wanna wear them because the weather will get shite soon and it'll mess them up

11-10-05, 04:53 PM #2
olstar Housekeeping *******
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I got some exactly the same as these nab..

I wear mine quite a lot tho, but ive managed to keep them bling bling white!

I need a pair of sueprstars, specifically for wearing with no laces..

Like the RUN DMC ones Smile

I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

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