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Does anyone have the miadidas originals login URL?
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15-03-08, 10:26 AM #16
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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i think that desert camo would fit these better..
btw look at these heel tags Laughing


15-03-08, 09:10 PM #17
TheScuderia6 SSDB Member *****
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Thanks Wazzacru, yeah I do feel a bit disappointed, and I was just trying to come up with ideas to make them right. All of my buddies here are also telling me to return it and get it fixed, so I think I will end up going that way.

And thanks everyone else for the compliments, this was probably the best I could do for my style with the materials and colors that were available. Plus I was trying to create something that I could probably never buy if Adidas were to release something like it.

I'll be contacting Adidas today, and I'll keep all of you posted as to what happens, thanks again!

17-03-08, 09:05 AM #18
stylz Superstar Samurai *****
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Funke-PLUR Wrote:any idea if theres a store in sydney? XD

Funke you've got the only Originals store in Australia in sydney
but I doubt they do mi adidas yet. Go and ask them when for me! Wink

"Babyface, 6'2" with an L.A brim, I got shelltoes on I don't wear them Timbs"

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