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My (not very large) collection
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06-06-07, 06:30 PM #1
NYSoul Junior Member **
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[Image: CIMG3057.jpg]

[Image: CIMG3056.jpg]

[Image: CIMG3050-1.jpg]

06-06-07, 06:40 PM #2
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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Taint small neither, our kid.
As the northern lot would say.


06-06-07, 07:19 PM #3
woody SSDB Member *****
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Nice stuff there, get em cleaned though Laughing

Wishing it was like the old days again

06-06-07, 07:46 PM #4
becks7 Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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Some cool SS they NY Soul keep up the good work dude Cool

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

06-06-07, 08:12 PM #5
AdiMac Superstar Lover *****
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Size isn't everything mate, nice kicks Very Happy Very Happy

06-06-07, 08:13 PM #6
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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Thank fuck.


06-06-07, 08:17 PM #7
Suburban Knight SSDB Member *****
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You can’t beat jacking to the house sound of Chicago in your soups.

Really nice collection fella. I’ve just bought those black/bone white/gold II’s, second from right, bottom row. I'm well chuffed with 'em.

“You must face the power of the black wave of Lardossa before you become a Drexciyan wave jumper”

06-06-07, 08:25 PM #8
camnic1972 SSDB Member *****
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Nice trainees mate!!!


06-06-07, 10:26 PM #9
deftoned Stripes Junkie *****
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Nice collection, theres a few kicks there I wouldn't mind thumbright

the boy with the three stripes

07-06-07, 09:36 AM #10
Sooper Special Lover *****
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Yep you got some nice styles there fella and im sure the collection will keep on growing.
You gotta start somewhere!

Dance wit the speaker 'till you hear it blow - Mr Rakim

07-06-07, 11:34 AM #11
stylz Superstar Samurai *****
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Nice stuff NYSoul, i'll get a pair of those green cords one of these days!

"Babyface, 6'2" with an L.A brim, I got shelltoes on I don't wear them Timbs"

07-06-07, 12:35 PM #12
scratchandsniff SSDB Member *****
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Nice collection, not sure about your lacing though Laughing

07-06-07, 12:38 PM #13
Sneakerphile Peoples Front of Judea ******
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Yeah, there's some nice kicks there my man! Keep up the good work Cool

Man goes into cage. Cage goes in the salsa. Sharks in the salsa. Our shark!

07-06-07, 06:28 PM #14
landmines SuperStyle *****
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Nice collection. I need those white/black checkers.

07-06-07, 06:58 PM #15
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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some quality ss there homes.SmileVery Happy

repunzal,repunzal let down ya hair so i can climb up and get into ya underwear.

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