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My little collection
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02-05-07, 06:16 PM #1
FHPaavo Junior Member **
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Didn't have anything better to do so decided to snap a few pics of my small sneaker collection.

All Yellow, Wilhelm Bungert & Oki-Ni G.S.:

Forest Hills, Forest Hills 72 & Forest Hills:

And some non-adidas as well, Puma Go Court V, Converse Jack Purcell & Onitsuka Tiger Bobsled 72:

On their way are Vices and Nastases and I'm hoping to get another pair from the Adicolor range as well.

02-05-07, 06:39 PM #2
lorre Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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Good stuff interesting colours.Laughing[/u]

02-05-07, 08:12 PM #3
landmines SuperStyle *****
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Like those okiinis alot.

02-05-07, 08:38 PM #4
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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not just one flavour. nice

repunzal,repunzal let down ya hair so i can climb up and get into ya underwear.

03-05-07, 12:33 AM #5
deftoned Stripes Junkie *****
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... no soups! Shocked

some nice kicks though

the boy with the three stripes

03-05-07, 12:57 AM #6
demmie SSDB Member *****
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I'm guessing you like Forest Hills.

adicolor for LIFE

03-05-07, 08:44 AM #7
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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deftoned Wrote:... no soups! Shocked

some nice kicks though

Not in this section no... Rolling Eyes

" shocking cock-up, the mice were furious "

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