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A contact at ebay...
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20-09-07, 10:52 PM #16
benitosbk Junior Member **
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Unfortunately guys, I kind of blame adidas. IF they didn't pay peanuts and have everything produced in China and Indonesia this problem of fakes would be nowhere near as bad as it is. I have a friend who worked at adidas in quite a high position (has sinced been head hunted by Ben Sherman), and he says adidas don't do anything because the problem will never go away. The financial losses they they incur from fakes is a small cost financially, compared to the money they save producing in asia. My mate says they basically accept fakes as part of the package of a big brand and they expect it and accept that it happens from producing in asia.

Good to chat to you all as I'm new to posting on here. Does anyone know what the deal is with pickyourshoes.com. Is it a genuine site I can purchase kicks from?

woody Wrote:
MrShoeShotta Wrote:
woody Wrote:Maybe ebay are allowed to let fakers sell stuff if they have no reason to doubt them, but if that seller is constantly being reported then this much change things? This must mean ebay have to investigate surely???

That's the reasoning behind me continuing to submit fake reports.....but I know a lot of people have reported the same sellers, and they're still selling so maybe if the sellers have already passed the reviews they dont bother?

woody Wrote:Mr Shoeshotta, I'd be happy to contact the guy you mentioned personally and not mention you at all if you'd be ok for me to do that? I can see you might not want to though as you sell so much via ebay Wink

I cant give you the contact details - she will know that it was me! But maybe the best idea is to put a whole load of stuff together - maybe individual complaints from all of us on here, plus something detailing the amount of fake stuff on there and the factors that we would take into account when deciding if something is fake etc. I could then pass this on, but I still couldnt be certain it would get to the right people and they would act on it.

Now orries mate I understand Wink

Might be an idea to get a decent amount of stuff together but is there any point? Like Sooper says, they never bother to reply to anyones emails, you can't call them up, you can't even get a straigtforward email address from them - it all has to be done through those stupid bloody contact pages.

21-09-07, 05:36 AM #17
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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PYS is genuine, but their customer service if horrible.


Da Camden Ayatollah Show this Post
21-09-07, 09:44 AM #18
Da Camden Ayatollah Guest
Oh but you can call them up and i had the numbers.and personal emails.

so unless i've missed anything out, wots stopping u lot then?

21-01-08, 12:15 AM #19
freqeist1 Junior Member **
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woody Wrote:Has anyone got a decent contact email address at ebay? I'm starting to get sick of reporting the same fake sellers over and over again with ebay never doing anything about it.

We need someone we can contact directly and maybe we can finally get these twats shutdown.


join the VeRO program within Ebay?
They do random checks i think

21-01-08, 01:34 AM #20
pokey27 also known as Pojey *****
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All i've been able to come up with only involves spreading the word on who is selling fakes and putting the information on ebay for more people hopefully to see it.
I've been busy so havn't had chance to sort this yet but i will and see what happens
basically it this
1.list information for sale @ 10p buy it now (cover listing costs)
2.big arsed listing drawing people to look at it like...
then basically they buy the information of fake ebay sellers names for 10p and recieve an email of the content (totally non profit)
But more people would hopefully get the list and stop buying from these fake sellers!!
Sure its not a answer to the problem but if we can reduce there sales more and more then this can only be a good thing right??
Well as i said i will be trying this idea as an experiment to see if ebayers are actually interested but if they'd rather pay peanuts for fakes than wait and pay alot more for real then nothing more we can do.
You can only put the information out there,you cant make them act on the information there given.

It's not the size of the feet!!it's the amount of quality on em

22-07-11, 10:14 PM #21
bigtrev503 Junior Member **
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So, I should go to ebay and buy every pair I can find, then refuse to pay for any of them?

That sounds like a fun afternoon...

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