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06-01-20, 10:31 PM #1
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Hey Everyone:
I'm Laurie and I came across four (4) pair of the Superstar II shoes with the metal eyelets and shoelace metal logo in a storage unit I purchased. 
I can't seem to find any info on line of these particular shoes so I was hoping that the professionals out there can give me some input.
Are they more rare than the shoes without metal eyelets or lace logos?

10-01-20, 10:12 AM #2
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Hi Laurie,

This is a forum for people who collect Superstars, not a general forum for randoms asking questions.
A simple Google search would've answered your question.
They are bog standard Superstars and worth whatever you can get for them on Ebay.
If they're used, probably £10 a pair.

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