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Noob Collector from the UK
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01-10-19, 04:36 PM #1
dogshark Junior Member **
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Hi All.

Worn Superstars constantly for the last 20 years but up until last year only really ever had one pair, which I'd wear until they fell apart, then replace them with another pair.
Being a bit older now and having a bit more disposable cash, I got bit by the collecting bug about a year ago and have now managed to build my collection up to 13 pairs.

Although I like to make things a little more difficult so I have a rule.
Coz I'm tight ar*e, I'll only buy them if I can get them for half or less than the RRP.

Pride myself on paying as little as possible. Cheaper the better.
My last pair I pulled out of clearance in an Adidas Outlet store in Castleford. Box said £29.
When they scanned at the checkout came in a £14.95. 
Brand new Lemon Yellow SS 80S in size 12.5. Perfect.

Another time I managed to negotiate a £40 voucher out of Adidas and grabbed a pair Chinese New Year specials from their online outlet that were going for £44.98 so effectively paid £4.98.

Anyone else a tightwad like me?

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07-10-19, 08:11 PM #2
mr.pure Cold Blooded Murderator. *******
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Hello Dogshark and welcome aboard.
The forum is a little quiet at the moment but it'll soon start picking up again.
I think it's safe to say you are the tightest arse in here but that's alright.
If you can hold that ethos through the coming years, you'll have done well but the odds are definitely stacked against you.
We've seen people join this forum with 2 pairs and go missing less than a year later with 40 pairs!

20-01-20, 04:00 PM #3
olstar Housekeeping *******
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I love a bargain. I got some legit anniversary underworlds for £27 once.

eBay ad was full of typos n shit. 

Mega Cool

Welcome also!

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