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Soon come Superstars.

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(28-01-18, 09:11 AM)jdz1502 Wrote: Only seen them on overkill at the moment, but it looks like the vintage shape is back, dubbed the OG

The heel tab looks like on vintages, but to me it looks like an 80s sole, unfortunately. The vintage sole has a different shape in my eyes.
long time no see everyone, been kinda off the supes for a while mainly due to my hobbies requiring different trainers, lol.

anyway, saw these pop up, liked the black ones and it reminded me of you lot, so hope you're all well..

[Image: white-mountainerring-adidas-superstar-bo...jpg?w=1140]

[Image: white-mountainerring-adidas-superstar-bo...jpg?w=1140]
Yes, I like the black ones as well. The design and concept is pretty cool. I'd rock them for sure. Thanks for sharing. Where'd you find those pics? Are they a USA kick as well?

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