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Hello From Cape Town
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19-05-16, 02:02 PM #1
Ceaser-VAG Junior Member **
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Hi to All.

Im Chad Ceaser, my user name stems from my love of VAG cars. I’m not a collector of Superstars nor do I consider myself a “sneakerhead”

Im from a small place, far south…. Cape Town South Africa… Wonder if there any other South Africans here.

My love for Stars or as I seen on here its referred to Supes. Well story time. I was 16 (year 2002), saw a pair of Superstars – Black with yellow stripes. And I really loved the look of the pair. I didn't know what they were nor the history or heritage behind them, all I knew was I wanted them. So it took me close to 3 months of doing everything possible to earn money in order to buy me the pair. I thrashed them through skateboarding, soccer(or football, which ever word your prefer). And when they became a hot product in South Africa mine was messed. And ever since I been loving them. I started buying again when I started “adult-ing”. I don't have many pairs as other sneakers has caught my interest.

Im a Garbage Collector by... Nah Im not really but I feel like I am at the best of times, Im a Vessel Agent.

19-05-16, 08:37 PM #2
ez-1 SSDB Member *****
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Welcome to SSDB!

14-06-16, 06:48 PM #3
benji half a pound of treacle *****
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Hi! Good luck with the not-collecting supes! Wink

15-06-16, 01:46 PM #4
pukkabruv Posting Freak *****
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