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Greetings from Baltimore
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11-09-15, 11:06 PM #1
testudo Junior Member **
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A little bit about me

I grew up in the early/mid eighties and remember falling in love when I saw RUN DMC rocking the Superstars. I didn't have the money back then to start a collection and my parents weren't going to flip the bill so I could cop them. Went through a small Nike phase later in high school when I started working part time and into college. Fast forward about 25 years later and the Superstar popped back up on my radar reading online sneaker magazines and forums. Decided to start collecting that shoe I fell in love with all those years ago.

Here is my current Superstars collection and Pro Models + RUN DMC

12-09-15, 08:19 AM #2
pukkabruv Posting Freak *****
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hello. nice collection mate

12-09-15, 03:49 PM #3
testudo Junior Member **
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(12-09-15, 08:19 AM)pukkabruv Wrote:  hello. nice collection mate

Thank you - most appreciated! It's still a work in progress.

12-09-15, 04:11 PM #4
Vortec SSDB Member *****
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Welcome aboard.

12-09-15, 04:41 PM #5
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12-09-15, 08:16 PM #6
Lurkzilla I love a convention *****
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Howdy partner wave

With God's help I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

13-09-15, 09:49 PM #7
Skullerud Member ***
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Welcome, great collection you have.

14-09-15, 12:06 PM #8
ez-1 SSDB Member *****
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Welcome! Nice collection.

14-09-15, 03:27 PM #9
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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Welcome. I'm an Orioles supporter thumbright

15-09-15, 07:52 PM #10
benji half a pound of treacle *****
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