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adidas sunglasses - Need your help...
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13-04-14, 10:11 AM #1
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Hi all...

I really need your help...
One of my friends ask if I will buy these...
I cant seem to find anything about them on the internet, or i dont know what to seach for.

The sunglasses
[Image: A34F830F-968E-44FF-8D68-E6806530BAD3_zpsvhe0kqkm.jpg]

The front (3 Strips)
[Image: E0265C6B-FA1A-4557-BA19-97C6ADEB5942_zpst5gj2wiw.jpg]

It says adidas on them
[Image: 4F5F6B39-CB26-409C-B7FC-F0F31E080FB9_zpshcbdtric.jpg]

They have a number code (A248/30/6050)
[Image: E1FC6CA7-850A-4535-8829-EBF8BC527F20_zpspjapwtie.jpg]

Ther is another number code in here (5316)
[Image: ECF0DFD5-B1BF-4372-8495-776FA3C301C4_zpszlb3pgro.jpg]

Do any of you know of them and if so what do i pay for them or sell them to any of you for ???

Going to get them... Yes i am, they will come to me in time
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13-04-14, 06:36 PM #2
flyingcod Shell-toed Lover *****
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The wife has two pairs of "originals" shades (the damn arms keeps falling off!) anyhoo they are called "miami" but not sure if yours are in the originals series.

My mother is an optician/Optometrist and I think the 5316 is a measurement of the bridge? (I could be wrong here)

If that helps any. Confused


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