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Superstar 35th Anniversary Expression Series
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01-09-13, 12:56 AM #16
ez-1 SSDB Member *****
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Dude you gotta do better than this!!! Did you even checked the pictures your self? Are we supposed to do some special agent stuff depending on those pictures taken with 2004 Nokia phone in bad light conditions?
And what's with those angles? I asked pics from behind the shoes so we could judge if there are any heel nipples and all you give is some shaky pictures from boxes and sides.
Try harder or
[Image: tumblr_m83ufnSVc01rys4czo1_500.gif]

01-09-13, 03:39 PM #17
Big Vern Posting Freak *****
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yes they are all legit.

lovin' me terrace footwear.

01-09-13, 07:33 PM #18
pugwashpz Heisenberg ****
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I like what you did there Vern Wink

02-09-13, 02:57 AM #19
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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Less time moaning, more time learning how to take a photo.

If God gives you lemons you should find a new God

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