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Originals 80s Green - fake or not?
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15-04-13, 03:12 PM #16
Fieldsy1971 Senior Member ****
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After all that and he still hasn't replied to his own thread.....Did we say something wrong ?????
All that and he still hasnt replied to his own thread.....Was it something someone said......

15-04-13, 10:33 PM #17
adrive Guest
Hi! I am sorry that I didn't notice the rule to write introduction first. I already wrote one.

The item number of these fakes I bought is 261162356199. The fact, that I am wearing superstars from 96 doesn't mean, that I know every detail about them. The only models I ever have was superstars 1 and superstars 2. I recently owned superstars 1 5 years ago, and I liked them much more than Superstars 2, because of the leather lining.

I was too naive to think that for 40 pounds + shipping I can get a real product. But now I have at home shoes that are made from leather imitation instead of the real leather Smile.

benji - i'd like to send them to you. But I opened a case on ebay. So it's possible, that I will have to send them back.

Sorry for my english and once more sorry for the missed introduction.

15-04-13, 10:39 PM #18
pukkabruv Posting Freak *****
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You opened a case about these white and green 80s? They don't look fake to me mate

15-04-13, 10:49 PM #19
Fieldsy1971 Senior Member ****
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Fuck me sideways......They are not fake.....They are real......But send them to Benji if you like....he will love it.....lol

15-04-13, 10:52 PM #20
vox Big E the Norse Viking God of Thunder *****
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You are comparing your new pair with a different model. Your new ones are real!

15-04-13, 10:53 PM #21
Tifoso Posting Freak *****
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In that shot where you're lining the soles up, you're comparing a Superstar 80's to a Superstar 2. Do you realize that?

15-04-13, 11:05 PM #22
adrive Guest
So you are telling me, that the real 80s should be made from leather imitation?

vox I bought yesterday another pair of Superstars 2 in adi store, so I am sure, that my newest ones are real Smile

Tifoso - yes, I realize that. But that was one of my questions, if it is ok that they are different.

15-04-13, 11:30 PM #23
Fieldsy1971 Senior Member ****
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The shoe you showed is a genuine adidas originals superstar 80s..........End of story.....

16-04-13, 10:59 AM #24
ez-1 SSDB Member *****
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Those white and green are as real as it gets. They are not fakes.
Only way to compare two pairs of shoes is to have two same models. And they have to be exactly same. For example there is a 80's model with blue stripes that came out a few years back and another that looks similar, came out few months ago and is made out of different kind of leather.

Anyways those shoes you have bought are legit and you should drop your ebay case and apologize.

16-04-13, 07:05 PM #25
Samo Just call me Nik Nak.. *****
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Is this guy for real?Laughing

The shoes are legit, £40-£50 is the going rate on eBay for a pair of superstar 80's. You are a time waster. What is the point in coming to a collectors forum and asking a question if you aren't going to listen to the answer?

"SSDB does not condone or promote wack behaviour"

16-04-13, 07:29 PM #26
Fieldsy1971 Senior Member ****
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What was the question again.........

16-04-13, 07:48 PM #27
benji half a pound of treacle *****
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Where is shell shock when you need some patois!?

16-04-13, 09:36 PM #28
llcoolgee Drexciyan Wavejumper *****
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Adrive, The masses have spoken. What more do you need?

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