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Soon Come Other Retro (non adidas)...
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06-04-12, 08:56 PM #1
Inphinity Senior Member ****
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thought some of you Asics fans would enjoy these. Really nice colourway!
How do the GL3's run to size in comparison with SS2's?

Here's the link

Average Dudes In Dope Ass Shoes

07-04-12, 12:06 AM #2
nikosg "Asics Ass boy" *****
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Nahhh not for me those things.

Same size as ss2s.
I'm an 11 in both styles

08-08-12, 07:03 PM #3
benji half a pound of treacle *****
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For months I have been sitting on some shoes for a friend's birthday, but as I will be sending them off very shortly I see no harm in posting a pic here. I don't think she frequents the forum so she will still have a nice surprise when postie comes. Nothing new but the brand.
[Image: diag1.jpg]

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08-08-12, 07:05 PM #4
Shellshock Superstar Duck Hunter *****
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Top class work as usual Mr.B, she's very lucky to have you as a mate!

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08-08-12, 07:21 PM #5
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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Yep. Top notch, B.

If God gives you lemons you should find a new God

08-08-12, 07:26 PM #6
Tifoso Posting Freak *****
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Great work as always, man. Love the CW.

08-08-12, 07:29 PM #7
Lurkzilla I love a convention *****
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Fucking epic!

With God's help I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

08-08-12, 07:54 PM #8
pukkabruv Posting Freak *****
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Quality as always

08-08-12, 07:54 PM #9
vox Big E the Norse Viking God of Thunder *****
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Great stuff Benji! My birthday is 14/8, just so you know Wink

08-08-12, 08:33 PM #10
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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lovely job mate!

" shocking cock-up, the mice were furious "

08-08-12, 09:10 PM #11
super sk8 Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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wow - amazing work! again... thumbup

whack lacing is killing your shoes!

08-08-12, 09:24 PM #12
ez-1 SSDB Member *****
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I love your work Ben. Stunning looking customs mate!

08-08-12, 09:29 PM #13
Sweet_Kicks adidas *****
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Great work Ben thumbright

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09-08-12, 09:00 AM #14
lorre Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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Yep nice work B.

09-08-12, 09:36 AM #15
einzigartig adidas SSDB Member *****
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Well nice Benji!

"3 stripes a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"

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