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Superstar_Luke's Collection
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17-12-11, 09:58 AM #1
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So before i found this site I had six pairs of Superstars.

I now know that the pair second from left are not actually superstars.

[Image: PC160022.jpg]

Heres what I have got since finding the site about four or five weeks ago.

[Image: PC160029.jpg]

Thanks to Fieldsy1971 for the samples on the bottom right.
...and thanks to ebay putting me into the overdraft haha.

I have two other pairs of superstar 2 IS's on order. One in brown and the other in grey and black.

Ill post individual photos when i have time.

Nothing compared to most other peoples collections, but ill keep adding to it.

17-12-11, 10:37 AM #2
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Nice collection chap.. but remember it's a marathon not a sprint. Some of us have taken many years to build up a collection. Don't just buy every pair you see.. quality over quantity.

" shocking cock-up, the mice were furious "

17-12-11, 10:47 AM #3
pokey27 also known as Pojey *****
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Nice start Luke...Nice to see you've added some colour into your collection too.
Goodluck with the collection and thanks for posting thumbright

P.S What Streak said...

It's not the size of the feet!!it's the amount of quality on em

17-12-11, 11:10 AM #4
pukkabruv Posting Freak *****
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Comming along nice mate

17-12-11, 12:07 PM #5
Fritze Posting Freak *****
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A good start mate. Thanks for sharing.

17-12-11, 12:12 PM #6
lorre Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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Forget what Streak says mate he's hardly ever on this site. The only time you will ever see him is at some launch party 'necking' all the free booze Smile

17-12-11, 12:19 PM #7
benji half a pound of treacle *****
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Nice one Luke!

17-12-11, 02:00 PM #8
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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" shocking cock-up, the mice were furious "

17-12-11, 02:06 PM #9
Lurkzilla I love a convention *****
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Great start, cheers thumbup

With God's help I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

17-12-11, 03:06 PM #10
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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nice Luke!! Cool

repunzal,repunzal let down ya hair so i can climb up and get into ya underwear.

17-12-11, 04:53 PM #11
Fieldsy1971 Senior Member ****
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Looking good.....Can't believe you've got the purple/lemons.......sooooooo wanting a pair

17-12-11, 05:00 PM #12
Tifoso Posting Freak *****
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Nice, Luke! You single or was your wife/girlfriend cool with you putting shoes on the bed? Very Happy

17-12-11, 11:07 PM #13
Squeaky Squeaky-supe-lovin-French-hating Dutchie *****
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Very nice collection mate!

Robert147 is now Squeaky Laughing

18-12-11, 12:50 AM #14
Marco82 SSDB Member *****
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Nice collection fella, thanks for sharing. Smile

(__\\\_] [_///__)

18-12-11, 06:46 AM #15
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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nice Supes man.
what are those in the second row far right? like a light blue or soft gray or what?

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