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Just another help needed thread
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30-07-11, 06:36 PM #1
bukowskisghost Junior Member **
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Hi all, its been a long time since I last posted, since becoming a dad, internet browsing and cash to spend on trainers has become somewhat limited, although it's worth it for the joy of parenting. So I'm told.

I've just bought a pair of superstars off the dreaded ebay, but wanted a bit of help identifying them. The seller is called original sports clearence selling b grades, I take it he is legit as he doesnt have anything really rare in a whole run of sizes or anything. Just wondering if anyone has bought from him before? They do a no quibble refund policy so I thought I'd take the risk.

Main question though is if anyone can identify the shoes, I have seen the logo with the wing type things and trefoil in it before but cant remember if they were part of a series or what they are called etc. Any help much appreciated.

Link is below, Im hopeless at posting pics direct.


Sorry, just realised I shouldnt have posted a link to a live auction, just deleted it, remaining link is ok though.

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