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21-11-13, 02:06 PM #31
JFlindt Junior Member **
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(21-11-13, 02:02 AM)Lorrie Wrote:  Don't like hearing this at all. TBH, Rey and I were Facebook friends...

Lorrie - I have PM'ed you Smile

21-11-13, 02:51 PM #32
pugwashpz Heisenberg ****
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You know this has been winding me up cause imphinity called me a flake when I first joined, however, from reading what Lorrie wrote I just hope that the dudes OK. I think I can safely say that people sometimes go through real tough times in life and I am not ashamed to say I have really fucked up my life, but, I always try and make amends and I reckon imphinity will do the same. sometimes there are more important things in life than money and trainers.
I know its not my dollar on the line, so easier to show a little compassion, knowing what I do about the crew in here I think, and hope this gets sorted in the end.
I am really surprised and a little saddened to read this thread, patience and compassion, find that dude and you are WINNING! Smile

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