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Vintage unknown SuperStar (Red/White/Blue) or fake ? Can you identify ?
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ShadowMassa Junior Member **
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Hello everyone, I am new to the boards and I come with images and questions. I have some odd looking red, white and blue SuperStars (I assume) that was a gift to me during the mid 1990's from my aunt's boyfriend at the time. He supposedly purchased the sneakers in an open air flea market here in N.Y.C. at the time, the sneakers did not come in a box but were wrapped in see through plastic. It also has a golden Adidas stamp on the side common with vintage ones.

Are these really vintage and genuine ? Can you please identify what kind of Adidas are these ? Or are these fake ?

Clickables -

[Image: adidas9v.th.jpg] [Image: adidas2a.th.jpg]
[Image: adidas1z.th.jpg] [Image: adidas8.th.jpg]
[Image: adidas7.th.jpg] [Image: adidas6.th.jpg]
[Image: adidas5.th.jpg] [Image: adidas4r.th.jpg]
[Image: adidas3p.th.jpg]

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streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Turn around.. head for the introduction section of the forum.. start a thread introducing yourself.. then come back

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