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*** wanted *** adidas Tiro training pant women black
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Hi All,

I coach a girls soccer team and I'm desperately looking for some adidas Tiro training pants for women in black. I need (2) small and (1) medium. adidas has stopped producing them right when our league (idiots) decided to change over to this model.

Any American or Canadian SSDB members have an adidas outlet nearby and willing to check out their store for me?? How about if you have a local soccer shop?? Willing to check their supply for me???

I'd throw in a small finder's fee if you find them for me.

adidas is now producing the Tiro 11, so the original Tiro is nearly exhausted except for L and XL and my under 15 girls are not L nor XL.

I've searched and searched and searched and searched through 24 "pages" of Google shopping and Yahoo shopping and Amazon and even ebay.

Anyways, send me a PM if you've got some leads. Hopefully, I've posted this in an appropriate category "General/Chat".

Here's what they look like.

Thanks for your help!!

[Image: yhst-93190451780286_2141_29271084.jpg]

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