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"Bite my shiny metal box"
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05-12-09, 07:59 PM #16
dregz Posting Freak *****
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Excellent work mate! Hats off to you. salute

Would you be good enough to participate in this morning's edification?

05-12-09, 08:12 PM #17
super sk8 Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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THIS is a really hot box lurkey! thumbup Love it! Smile

whack lacing is killing your shoes!

05-12-09, 08:51 PM #18
kungfuyoazz Senior Member ****
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Nice work!

These kicks need their own theme music. walk

05-12-09, 09:34 PM #19
reid SSDB Member *****
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Good stuff Lurkey - how long did it take to crank out?

05-12-09, 10:03 PM #20
sab No idea superstar. *****
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Very good stuff. Is alliminum fire proof cos u could fire proof your supes. The whole scenario what would u save in a house fire. Well supes would be safe now. Mmmmmmmh lots of random thought patterns i Know.

Always has the answer to lifes dilemas.

05-12-09, 10:57 PM #21
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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Absolutely epical, Lurktallica!

If God gives you lemons you should find a new God

05-12-09, 11:48 PM #22
Grimmy Walkin' encyclopedia *****
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I sure wouldn't mind to have at least one of those.. if a full size box is out of the question for "SSDB members only mass production", maybe a miniature version in scale, half a size or something so i could keep the spare laces and such in order. Lurkilicious!

Doing nothing is very hard to do... you never know when you're finished.
- Leslie Nielsen

05-12-09, 11:54 PM #23
Old Gregg Posting Freak *****
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Nice work lurky

06-12-09, 12:15 AM #24
Lurkzilla I love a convention *****
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Thanks for all your kind words, I enjoyed making it and it took about a week’s worth of dinner breaks, but I can’t help thinking it needs to be velvet lined Laughing

With God's help I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

06-12-09, 12:36 AM #25
Shellshock Superstar Duck Hunter *****
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Mad skillz. salute

Supe like Wanton, Buju like Banton

06-12-09, 12:36 AM #26
DasBill El fuego! *****
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^That would be a nice touch tbh.

Nicely done LK

My friends call me Hadouken! Cause im down, right, fierce!

06-12-09, 02:02 AM #27
ez-1 SSDB Member *****
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I have never seen a box that is so sexual!!!
I'll take ten!

06-12-09, 07:40 AM #28
Shellshock Superstar Duck Hunter *****
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(06-12-09, 02:02 AM)ez-1 Wrote:  I have never seen a box that is so sexual!!!

Two words: Cole, Cheryl.

Supe like Wanton, Buju like Banton

06-12-09, 08:25 AM #29
cracky SSDB Member *****
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I have seen many, not enough like, but many more sexual than that!!

all day i dream and shine.

06-12-09, 10:28 AM #30
Sneakerpimp Sole Brother *****
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I would pay you for a "G|mp" branded one Very Happy

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