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Lorrie's collection
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09-09-08, 12:46 PM #31
Sneakerphile Peoples Front of Judea ******
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Zwer, you got mad skills son! Laughing
Just a question though, you like vins at all?
Nice to know that you not only wear them, but keep them clean too!

Keep up the good work (especially like the blue snakeskin ones)Very Happy

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10-09-08, 06:27 AM #32
Funke SSDB Member *****
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very very nice collection!

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13-09-08, 06:45 PM #33
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What a line up. Quality !!

17-09-08, 07:32 AM #34
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mouth watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


17-09-08, 12:10 PM #35
crazycraig SSDB Member *****
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18-09-08, 11:13 PM #36
olstar Housekeeping *******
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Some beauties there mate!

I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

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19-09-08, 06:43 PM #37
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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thanks, Ollie. Glad to see you've dropped in!

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02-10-08, 05:59 PM #38
D-$et Junior Member **
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DAMN! nice stash


treat_your_feet69 Show this Post
05-11-08, 02:35 AM #39
treat_your_feet69 Guest
wow serious ownage of soups

05-11-08, 11:18 AM #40
thehavok SSDB Member *****
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Vary nice Zwer. I especially like the blue suede sitting next to the green suede. Would love to pick up a pair as I also have the green ones. All in all a excellent collection.

12-11-08, 05:27 PM #41
Shellshock Superstar Duck Hunter *****
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Damn!!! Vin collectors, you just lost! That is an awe inspiring selection of shoes right there.

*copies pics to shoe-porno folder* Laughing

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20-11-08, 09:18 PM #42
ibbz Junior Member **
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Where is ur house?
Beware ur window to night.

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20-11-08, 10:44 PM #43
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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^^^Just make sure your health insurance is paid up, son.

If God gives you lemons you should find a new God

20-11-08, 11:08 PM #44
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Hmmm.. I thought it was a strange comment.. Wink

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24-11-08, 09:46 AM #45
danii Member ***
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