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adidas the brand with 3 stripes (& possibly right's to 2 too!)
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11-04-08, 01:25 PM #1
seasidewolf that's D.C. Sidewolf *****
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adidas won at the European Court yesterday the 3 stripes as their own, so no one can imitate it, also they have the right over 2 stripes if it could cause brand confusion too!
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11-04-08, 02:39 PM #2
reid SSDB Member *****
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I would've been more worried about 4 stripes tbh but nice to see all those brown/blue next jackets are going to dissapear (fugly things) Very Happy

11-04-08, 05:02 PM #3
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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13-04-08, 12:19 PM #4
woody SSDB Member *****
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bye bye Tesco 2 stripes Laughing

Can only be a good thing though really

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13-04-08, 08:34 PM #5
Effel SSDB Member *****
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Lonsdale just got told, methinks.

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13-04-08, 08:39 PM #6
Samo Just call me Nik Nak.. *****
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good news!

Although i expect to see lots of types of fish and other animals in court now for copyright infringmentLaughing

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16-04-08, 10:51 AM #7
Funke SSDB Member *****
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lol, if the 4 stripe got owned as well
then i think k-swiss is a gonna XD

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26-04-08, 07:25 AM #8
mari-31 Junior Member **
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