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adicolor p6
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27-03-08, 06:42 AM #16
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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i'm sure they are legit.
come on, not everything was selling well to keep it high price. even adicolors dark horse were availabe in poland on sale Laughing


27-03-08, 09:47 AM #17
stylz Superstar Samurai *****
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I'd say they're legit too.
No heel tab and let's face it they're not the most sought after kicks,
I think he's just trying to get rid of them.
His other stock looks fine now too and plenty of us have ordered from him.
I'm not even sure why he's still on the list after the big SSDB nubuck buy up! Laughing

"Babyface, 6'2" with an L.A brim, I got shelltoes on I don't wear them Timbs"

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