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Another great adidas ad!
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20-03-08, 06:34 PM #1
seasidewolf that's D.C. Sidewolf *****
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Here's on for you, it's the new adidas originals advert to coincide with the olympics.
It's worth watching for the guy in the suit on the beam!


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20-03-08, 06:49 PM #2
reid SSDB Member *****
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Shame their adverts don't seem to get much airtime over here (or, at least, I never see them). Wonderful ideas

20-03-08, 07:00 PM #3
cracky SSDB Member *****
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the guys on the beam Laughing Laughing Laughing

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20-03-08, 07:46 PM #4
pokey27 also known as Pojey *****
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Hahahaaaaaaaa "swing longjump" that takes me bk!!!Very Happy played that as a kid till arms and leg breaks and the sight of the local ambulance crew was a normal fixture in are park.Lol good advert

p.s for the record i was the park champion Very Happy

We also had another games on the swings called "chicken" which involved swinging as someone booted the football @ ya trying to knock you off Very Happy but u was allowed to boot it bk to protect yourself but if it hit another part of your body you was out Very Happy once ya'd picked yaself off the floor like haha!!! the good old days eh

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20-03-08, 07:55 PM #5
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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'swing longjump' got banned at my primary school after a kid in my class broke both arms on one jump.

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20-03-08, 08:01 PM #6
adidasanth The adidas Hunter *****
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haha! Cafe Ping Pong! and the dude 1st off the diving board.....ouch!!

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20-03-08, 08:50 PM #7
woody SSDB Member *****
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dude in the suit looks in serious pain Laughing

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21-03-08, 12:19 PM #8
Samo Just call me Nik Nak.. *****
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i just watched it this morning! love it!Very Happy

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21-03-08, 12:52 PM #9
olstar Housekeeping *******
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thats why ill never stand on a balance beam Laughing

crunch! Laughing Laughing

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21-03-08, 01:20 PM #10
Effel SSDB Member *****
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Aha, swing long jump! Few years back, i was one of the kids to successfully transfer from the swing, over the fence and into the bin. Cost me 2 ribs, but my god it was worth it!

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21-03-08, 05:18 PM #11
Phikz SSDB Member *****
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That advert is amazing Smile
I was actually laughing out loud .. Brings back memories of the good old days eh

21-03-08, 08:56 PM #12
Minty SSDB Member *****
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LOL ahh...great ad! I did the swing long jump a lot too with my friends but no one ever got hurt.

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