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"I nearly cried when I saw this mutha.. "
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19-02-08, 02:17 PM #16
Sneakerphile Peoples Front of Judea ******
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So, judging from the yellowed colour of the glue around the midsole, these are damned old.
I'd guess that back in the day, N*ke saw the fabulous Superstar and thought "hey, we can do that". Then they made this piece of crap and decided "hey, you know what, we can't beat that, let's just make a zillion colour variations on the AF1 instead". So they did, and everyone let out a huge sigh of relief and N*ke realised that they were second class!

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19-02-08, 07:51 PM #17
camnic1972 SSDB Member *****
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I think that is the worst thing I have ever seen!!!!
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20-02-08, 03:40 AM #18
Guiding Star SSDB Member *****
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where'd you find that streak?

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20-02-08, 07:13 AM #19
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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dj_wildthing Wrote:Proof that N*ke is just a shi*t brand and that if they make anything that looks decent it's a rip-off of some other brand - in this case the wonderful Superstar we all love...

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have u seen new consortium series? there is one shoe that look exacly like air force 1 mid.


20-02-08, 03:21 PM #20
dj_wildthing Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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sin`pl Wrote:have u seen new consortium series? there is one shoe that look exacly like air force 1 mid.

To be honest I've only taken notice of the Superstars - anything else is just a blur to my eyes and might as well not exist...

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Superstars are indeed super...

20-02-08, 03:56 PM #21
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Guiding Star Wrote:where'd you find that streak?


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