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23-01-08, 02:00 PM #1
olstar Housekeeping *******
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please be careful what you say about sellers/websites.

we have built up a GOOD reputation and a lot of people will literally ignore any sellers that appear on our fake sellers list..

this is fine, as this is what we wanted..

but be careful what you say about these people, as sooner or later we are gonna put someone out of business and they are gonna come for my blood Laughing

im not saying STOP posting fake links and sellers... HELL NO..

just dont call them all pieces of shit on here as it could one day be used against us Smile


CONGRATS to us all for making a SERIOUS dent in the fake market!

I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

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23-01-08, 02:04 PM #2
Teaj MrShoelaceShotta ******
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I think the list should be locked again, it was much easier looking through one (alphabetical) list rather than trawling through all the posts.......

23-01-08, 03:23 PM #3
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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alphabetical list is not necesarry, i'd rather have a list with sellers sorted with date added. if you would check if seller is on the list, just press ctrl+f Smile


23-01-08, 03:51 PM #4
pokey27 also known as Pojey *****
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^^^Good idea!! as long as its updated then the other posts listing the newer names can be deleted surely cause there names will be on the main list!!!saving every1 from going through the whole thread and just needing to look @ the 1st post "the list"

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23-01-08, 04:29 PM #5
AzZ /// ****
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Very true. All names should be in one long post and the topic should be locked. Any new names should be PM'ed to someone who can add it. Wink

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23-01-08, 05:57 PM #6
manus wears 'em every day *****
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Isn't one of the factors used by google to rank a page in its search listings based on how many hyperlinks are made to that site?
Therefore if there are one or two hyperlinks to a fake seller's site on SSDB, the fake seller's listing goes up a couple of notches when you google "adidas superstar".

I could be wrong about all of this though, but if I'm not, would it be possible to make hyperlinks in the fake sellers section of the site re-direct to a proxy or google's own cache of the page in question rather than a direct link to the fake seller's site?

I know that it won't make a big difference, but it'd be better than helping them by bumping them up the search rankings. Plus like Olstar was saying, if people do start losing earnings, because of what the good people of Superstardbville are doing, there'll be less evidence that it was due to superstardb.com and Olstar can worry less about that and spend more time on ebay looking for superstars.

24-01-08, 01:06 AM #7
olstar Housekeeping *******
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hahha, VERY good point dude..

i will make it one list again, and make the links not active

so they are not counted as links, and therefore have no effect on the PR of the ebay stores! Smile

I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

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