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Which Superstars Are These?
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16-01-08, 09:57 PM #16
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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i'm not a great 'connoisseur' of superstars, i'd just like to add my 3 cents that these were in poland for sure, with several colors availabe Laughing and small sizes only (like 36 2/3)
unfournatetly, i don't know the exact name. when i saw them for first time, i though some kid added some lines to them.. yuk imho! Smile


16-01-08, 10:02 PM #17
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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you are a connoisseur sin. and ya thoughts are very worthy. i was only joking.Smile

repunzal,repunzal let down ya hair so i can climb up and get into ya underwear.

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