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29-12-07, 03:29 AM #16
-bogan- Member ***
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damn can't wait 2 see whats in these boxes...... hurry up already!

29-12-07, 07:16 PM #17
w3rkd Junior Member **
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-bogan- Wrote:damn can't wait 2 see whats in these boxes...... hurry up already!

Well here we go the first batch of pic's for you guys..

[Image: 2146129775_8bab967544.jpg]
[Image: 2146126585_1ac0e10ebd.jpg]
[Image: 2146123847_1033d16653.jpg]
[Image: 2146119521_5073d01c0d.jpg]
[Image: 2146909208_9a7d3104e7.jpg]
[Image: 2146106933_8576b8a366.jpg]
[Image: 2146102901_1875a6511f.jpg]
[Image: 2146892422_63c9c14cf0.jpg]
[Image: 2146093113_fee028102f.jpg]
[Image: 2146086925_5e6376ab42.jpg]
[Image: 2146085283_6ef9079e86.jpg]
[Image: 2146079741_6cbd503d97.jpg]
[Image: 2146871190_374d0f3919.jpg]
[Image: 2146071801_7c8419db6e.jpg]

This is about a 5th of what i have will update again soon if your interested..


29-12-07, 08:00 PM #18
reid SSDB Member *****
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Nice loot mate - loving the 35ths

29-12-07, 08:26 PM #19
cracky SSDB Member *****
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camo weaves, mmm nicethumbright

all day i dream and shine.

08-01-08, 07:17 PM #20
DICKYMINT Junior Member **
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yea, the camo weaves are sweet, im loving the yellow forest hill lace ups, been looking for a pair for ages but there all the crappy velcro's!!!!!!


08-01-08, 07:38 PM #21
the_marsbar SSDB Member *****
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Those 2s with orange/red laces were my first pair of superstars. They are really great Smile

08-01-08, 08:38 PM #22
bluebox Member ***
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oh... nice colection...

09-01-08, 05:36 AM #23
Guiding Star SSDB Member *****
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Ahhh the camo weaves... On my wish list

The knowledge grows from my head to my shell covered toes

09-01-08, 11:24 AM #24
dj_wildthing Adidas Superstar Specialist ******
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looking good mate - keep them pics coming!


Superstars are indeed super...

09-01-08, 12:58 PM #25
camnic1972 SSDB Member *****
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Looks like a bloody shoe shop!!!!!
Come on - get yer kicks out!!!!!


09-01-08, 12:59 PM #26
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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get those lids off Very Happy

repunzal,repunzal let down ya hair so i can climb up and get into ya underwear.

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