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13-12-07, 04:12 PM #1
Suvann Junior Member **
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Ok, here I go:
The Manhattan one are new, and I like to mix the laces:
[Image: dscf2767hw4.th.jpg][Image: dscf2769xz2.th.jpg]
I also like to mix the stripes, the two pairs over are new:
[Image: dscf2768ya0.th.jpg]
KRS One sign this one when he comes in concert to Nantes (France), i finished the concert with one shoe at my foot and the other one in my hand Smile , he's not my favorite artists, but that's not everyday someone like him come in my city:
[Image: dscf2772zl4.th.jpg]
The fake ones from phatkicks:
[Image: dscf2775pl1.th.jpg]
Terrible finishing ie:
[Image: dscf2779oh4.th.jpg]
[Image: dscf2782cq1.th.jpg]
Look at the right one of the G6 in the green part it is crooked (not sure it is the exact term), and the heel tags of each ones:
[Image: dscf2776px2.th.jpg]

13-12-07, 04:26 PM #2
T.Dog Junior Member **
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Wow man what has KRS One done to your shoe!!!

13-12-07, 04:45 PM #3
sin`pl Adidas lover *****
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adicolors g6 are really sexy!
what a shame that they are really hard to get Sad


13-12-07, 05:00 PM #4
pokey27 also known as Pojey *****
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Green,red,green,red what a festive collection of soops you have.Nice collection m8.
Here's to you not adding any fakes in 2008 now you joined us goodluck Very Happy

It's not the size of the feet!!it's the amount of quality on em

13-12-07, 06:35 PM #5
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Looking good fella... there was a pair of G6's in TK Maxx today.. only small size mind. (6UK)

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04-01-08, 01:46 PM #6
Sneakerphile Peoples Front of Judea ******
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Glad to see i'm not the only one with 2 pairs of G5s (I think they are one of my faves) First pair started getting mashed up 'cause I was wearing them so much, so I got a second pair to keep crisp.
I'm still on the look out for a pair of the Staten Islands. Wasn't too sure about them at first, so I never got them when Footlocker had them in stock. Now they're hard to find in my size. Even PYS don't have any left. Of well, the quest continues.
I hope you continue to collect, there's plenty to be had!Very Happy

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04-01-08, 04:30 PM #7
reid SSDB Member *****
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Nice set matey. G6's were my first shell-toes and I love em. So hard to find now though

04-01-08, 06:31 PM #8
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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a nice selection.Smile

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23-01-08, 05:19 AM #9
Komp Member ***
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KRS ONE!!! Wooo!!

23-01-08, 10:42 AM #10
olstar Housekeeping *******
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nice, although i would of told mr ONE to take his time when signing one of my kicks...

looks a bit, err, scribbled Laughing

apart from that, nice collection man!

I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

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23-01-08, 04:47 PM #11
rjmosdef Junior Member **
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omg THE KRS ONE signed your shoe? shit i'll let that mofo sign my ass if i had the chance (j/p, maybe)

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- Nas

24-01-08, 02:34 AM #12
pcreate Junior Member **
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Wow, I definitely need to get them red adicolors now. I've been holding back because the pictures look so unflattering.. but it looks quite nice here! Very Happy

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