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Me and My Adi...
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19-10-07, 04:38 AM #1
akositom Junior Member **
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Just wanted to share some of my adidas Originals stuffs recently... my superstar is really too vintage looking to post here so I decided not to include it anymore....Very Happy

[Image: DSC00137.jpg]

[Image: 24-07-07_1920.jpg]

[Image: 24-07-07_1914.jpg]

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19-10-07, 06:11 AM #2
STi-JDM Superstar Maniac! *****
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Pinoy I'm guessing? Smile oh and for the shoes, doesn't really matter, post some pics! and don't forget to introduce yourself on the "visitor book"

19-10-07, 06:20 AM #3
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Hello fella.. In case you where unaware.. This is a SUPERSTAR forum and so "members collections" should really show superstars and not some random collection of adidas clothing.

Welcome BTW (I guess??) Confused

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19-10-07, 09:47 AM #4
-bogan- Member ***
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I hate to point it out but gazelles aren't soops.... u can hardly see the shoe anyway...

Welcome... maybe post some shelltoes you have up.

19-10-07, 12:59 PM #5
olstar Housekeeping *******
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/\/\ what they said!

introduce yourself, then go buy more superstars! Smile

I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

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19-10-07, 01:01 PM #6
manus wears 'em every day *****
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...lots more superstars...


19-10-07, 06:35 PM #7
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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laughing8 point missed.

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20-10-07, 04:58 PM #8
scratchandsniff SSDB Member *****
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That is a nice top!

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