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28-08-07, 11:21 AM #1
groovysundays Junior Member **
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my latest Smile
[Image: Image0331.jpg]

my frist
[Image: Image0151.jpg]

my fav
[Image: Image0101.jpg]

[Image: Image008.jpg]
[Image: Image0061.jpg]
[Image: Image0071.jpg]
[Image: Image0042.jpg]
[Image: Image0091.jpg]
[Image: Image0341.jpg]

wait 4 Starwar Laughing

28-08-07, 11:30 AM #2
streak now an admin.. apparently *******
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Nice collection there fella...

..ever heard of cleaning them once in a while LaughingLaughing

" shocking cock-up, the mice were furious "

28-08-07, 12:07 PM #3
woody SSDB Member *****
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What are the second and third pics? They look pretty old to me, are the second pic black and orange 1's?

Nice collection there though but streaks right they need a good clean! Love the Ska's, the Bape's real? Cool

Wishing it was like the old days again

28-08-07, 12:53 PM #4
furious Junior Member **
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Nice collection.

28-08-07, 01:23 PM #5
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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nice arty photos. and a nice collectionShocked

repunzal,repunzal let down ya hair so i can climb up and get into ya underwear.

28-08-07, 02:03 PM #6
manus wears 'em every day *****
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Those black and orange ones are awesome - i haven't seen them before - how old are they?

28-08-07, 04:57 PM #7
Lorrie Uncomfortably Energetic ******
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i like the photos. the fact not all the soups are clean kinda works with the overall composition of the shots.

now that art school is over, though, you really should clean them.

If God gives you lemons you should find a new God

28-08-07, 06:35 PM #8
Sneakerphile Peoples Front of Judea ******
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Pretty much a combination of what they all said. Very artistic shots, and very grubby kicks Laughing
All in all though mate some choice footwear there. I also ask the question, are those Bapes the real deal? They seem to be the cleanest ones there Laughing

Man goes into cage. Cage goes in the salsa. Sharks in the salsa. Our shark!

29-08-07, 04:06 AM #9
groovysundays Junior Member **
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5555Laughing i'll cleanest them oneday. [how u guys clean ur shell?]
the 2nd 's 10 y.o., the 3rd BL&Orange 's 5 year it's woven.

& Bape 's realCool
[Image: Image0072-1.jpg]

thanks u guys.

29-08-07, 08:16 AM #10
camnic1972 SSDB Member *****
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I am loving the holes on the "My Faves"


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