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2008 Skateboarding Models
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23-07-07, 11:02 PM #16
manus wears 'em every day *****
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The white burgundy ones are pretty nice, not too keen on the others, but I'm not really into dark superstars with dark toes.

25-07-07, 12:59 PM #17
Sneakerphile Peoples Front of Judea ******
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Not kicks, but part of the 2008 Skateboarding range
Some bloody nice tops here!

Man goes into cage. Cage goes in the salsa. Sharks in the salsa. Our shark!

19-09-07, 10:44 PM #18
DIALEKT SSDB Member *****
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absolutely love the red striped shells


21-09-07, 05:31 PM #19
irencus Member ***
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I really like the roster's mid top and the campus vulcanized red ones! The hoodies and jackets also rocks. Damn the adidas skateboarding collection looks nice Very Happy.

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