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Superstar 35 Undefeated (Consortium Series)
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05-10-05, 03:53 PM #1
Jamey Guest
This is my pair and my pics. Please do not re-use them elsewhere unless it's for illustrative purposes only and if you do use them, please credit my site - www.jameyhoward.com

[Image: CRW_0970_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0971_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0973_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0973_RT8b.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0973_RT8c.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0975_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0979_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0988_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0991_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0992_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0993_RT8.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0994_RT8a.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0994_RT8b.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0995_RT8b.jpg]
[Image: CRW_0995_RT8c.jpg]

05-10-05, 03:56 PM #2
olstar Housekeeping *******
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now THEY are nice!

they look v similar to the neighbourhood ones..

mmmmmm sexy! Smile

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