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need advice re: superstar run dmc
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05-01-07, 02:02 PM #16
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Last time I checked, they had "JMJ" on the heel stripe. And whats with the weird-ass embossing on the stripes as well?
DOn't fakes usually miss things off the shoe, not bloody add extras!
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05-01-07, 10:34 PM #17
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Well in the countrys where they are made, they need to have a 15% diffference to the original to be classed as a new product. So its either add stuff, or take stuff away.

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08-01-07, 12:22 AM #18
spitey pinkyplonk ******
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news flash.....
the photos are from samplekickz. the sneakers are samples with adidas down the heel and run, dmc and jmj on the stripes. they are real pics.
i do not believe for one second he has these sneakers...... hippy2

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